Here Are Our Frequently Asked Questions

The MonaLisa Touch is a carbon dioxide fractional laser specifically designed to treat vaginal tissue. Similar to laser facial treatments, the procedure uses lasers to make micro-abrasions or tiny scratches in the vaginal wall, which stimulate growth of new blood vessels.

There are very few side effects. Most women tolerate their treatment very well. Some experience minor, temporary side effects such as mild vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, tenderness, itching, or burning.

A consultation costs $150.00. Each treatment costs $800 per treatment or $2000 for a series of 3 treatments (paid upfront). Your consultation costs will be deducted from your treatment if you choose to go ahead. Most women require 3 treatments for the first year and yearly treatments thereafter. Mona Lisa Touch is NOT covered by insurance.

We have had over 200 patients through the clinic. Of these 160 have stated that the benefits have been life changing. 36 have had improvement and 4 reported no real change. i.e. a 98% success rate.

Because the basic problem is the lack of oestrogen and aging after the menopause the vagina will eventually deteriorate once again. It is suggested that an annual top up is done. If it is left much longer than a year, you may require 3 treatments again.

Most patients notice a 50% improvement in symptoms within 6 weeks after the first treatment, this will continue following subsequent treatments.

How long does the treatment take?

The actual treatment takes only about 5 minutes and does not usually require the use of anaesthesia unless external treatment is to occur or there is vaginismus. Getting the laser into the vagina usually is what takes up the time. There is also no downtime associated with this treatment. You'll be able to get right back to your regular schedule immediately.

Some women experience a watery discharge or light spotting for a day or two. The vaginal area may feel swollen or full. Do not put anything inside your vagina for at least 5 days after treatment. Do not have baths or use a jacuzzi during this time. There are microscabs in the vagina which if removed can cause bleeding or infection.